Organic Farming in South Africa – A way to healthy living

Organic Farming in South Africa – A way to healthy living

Organic farming is the method of growing fruits and vegetables that was used by our ancestors. It is done by application of techniques like crop rotation, green manure, compost, and biological pest control. However, getting to eat organic food is now-a-days a matter of luck. Today, in order to increase production of vegetables and fruits, synthetic manure is used and this is because of the uncontrolled growth in population across the globe. In addition, inorganic foods are also harmful to body and researches have proved that it is a cause of several harmful as well as fatal diseases. Owing to this, organic food is best in order to stay healthy. In addition, organic farming promotes the sustainable health and productivity of the ecosystem.

Organic farming in South Africa has got pace in the last few years. Several companies have joined the agriculture industry to help cultivators grow healthy yield through modern methods. They help the farmers in soil analysis as it is very important for successful organic farming. A standard test for analyzing soil costs very less as compared to other methods. Additionally, it fetches a detailed report comprising the information on soil pH, requirement of lime, nutrient suggestions and percentage of phosphorus, potassium, and magnesium. It helps in understanding the essential plant nutrients that are necessary for plants to grow and yield better results. Moreover, soil testing is carried out to known the amount and kinds of fertilizers required for the different types of crops which vary from field to field even on the same soil. It helps in ensuring maximum production with right amount of manure.

Initially, the sulphur content in the soil was adequate and it was not much of a concern as organic sulphur was made available as organic matter mineralized. However, with time, the content has decreased to great extent and it has become essential to use Sulphur in organic farming to keep the crops healthy. It can be done by spraying liquid sulphur in the fields. Agrilibrium is one of those companies in South Africa that have ventured into the agriculture industry to help cultivators grow healthy crops. They help the framers by supplying essential plant nutrients as well as in other factors.

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