New unique range of Dry FytoFulvic acid Chelated Macro and Micro-element Products that directly competes with EDTA’S.

Agrilibrium is proud to again be the leaders and announcing the launch of the development of a new, unique and highly efficient Fytofulvic acid chelated macro and micro-nutrient product range. The new range of dry products will be marketed as the Phyto range and was formulated using water soluble nutrients combined with spray dried fulvic acid powder from our unique re-newable resource tree extract Fytofulvic acid.

These dry water soluble products, registered as single nutrient element formulations, can also be combined and blended in any ratio of the different elements according to proper soil analysis quantification of macro and micro-nutrient deficiencies preferably using the 1:2 water extract soil analysis or a conventional chemical extraction analysis of the soil.

The Phyto range competes directly with the well-known expensive and low active ingredient EDTA chelated products. A comparison between the new Phyto micro nutrient range and EDTA products based upon current market prices and active ingredient content are being shown in the following table. 



The Phyto range was developed to efficiently as well as cost effectively rectify deficiencies and imbalances of macro- and micro-nutrients in the soil.

Efficiency of these products is based on the fact that the high fulvic acid content of the Phytofulvate powder can effectively neutralize the positive charges of nutrient cations. This reaction occurs in the water solution in the blending tank before application to the soil and prevents the reaction between the divalent cations and phosphorous in the soil. This will prevent cation/phosphate insoluble molecules from forming, which due to the insolubility in water is therefore not available for uptake and utilization by plants. Both macro and micro-nutrient cations of the Phyto range and phosphate are therefore kept in a soluble form for effective utilization by the crop. In the case of the negatively charged Boron ion, the negative charge can also be neutralized by the fulvic acid that will also keep it in solution for plant uptake, preventing binding to soil colloids or insoluble organic particles.

Cost effectiveness in comparison to EDTA formulations are firstly being measured against the fact that the active ingredient content in the Phyto range is on average, 41% higher than that of the EDTA’s. Furthermore, the average price of R 2.23 per 1% active ingredient compared to R4.03 for EDTA’s is 42 % less expensive than the comparable average EDTA formulations.

Typical recommendations to rectify and balance nutrient imbalances and deficiencies.

Where nutrient deficiencies of a specific soil were analytically determined and quantified and a single or multi-element rectification has to be done, then the typical recommendation would be as set out in the table below. The most efficient times to do treatments would be during root flush periods. Specific required ratio mixes of the different nutrients can be blended by Agrilibrium and supplied as a prescription blend formulation.

General application recommendations for Phyto products