Why organic farming is beneficial

Why organic farming is beneficial

With organic farming gaining popularity owing to the various benefits offered by it, it has also become popular among small scale farmers. Organic farming or agriculture refers to that method of cultivation of food items without using any sort of chemicals such as pesticides and chemical fertilizers. Organic farming in South Africa has as well gained immense popularity both among the big and small farmers. Even though, today majority of the small farmers do organic farming; however, because they are uninformed of the market prospects, they are not able to garner the benefits of it.

Reasons to support organic farming
There are several reasons why majority of the countries are supporting as well as encouraging organic farming. Some of the reasons include:

1. It reduces the toxic load from air, water, soil as well as human body: Organic foods are produced without using chemicals. This helps in keeping at bay the harmful and hazardous chemicals at bay. Food items produced by this method help in diminishing the toxic substances from air, water, soil and most importantly from the human body.

2. Protects the future generation: Today, most of the diseases that human beings suffer from is due to the presence of toxic substances in the food. Chemical pesticides that are used in production of food items increases the toxic risk. It starts from the mother’s womb and the consumption of organic food keeps such diseases at bay, protecting the future generations from toxic risks.

3. Healthy soil: Monoculture farming as well as use of chemical pesticides lessens the essential plant nutrients from the soil. This in turn affects the growth of crops. Organic farming keeps the important nutrients that are necessary in growing of healthy crops. With it, you can as well reap fulvic acid benefits.

These are some of the reasons why most of the farmers support organic farming across the globe. However, one of the most important aspects of organic farming is 1:2 water extract analysis. Agrilibrium manufactures high quality and effective plant growth promoting organic soil ameliorants, biological soil micro-organisms and Plant Stress Management foliar plant nutrients for both the local agricultural market as well as international market. It is the best place to buy organic products for growing crops.

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