Agrilibrium: One-Stop Destination for Products with Essential Plant Nutrients

Agrilibrium: One-Stop Destination for Products with Essential Plant Nutrients

Companies operating in the agriculture domain keep on introducing new products that intend to better the condition of plants. These products are important in the wake of enriching the soil with essential plant nutrients extracted from several effective minerals and chemical compositions. Agrilibirum is home to a wide selection of such useful products that work actively in enhancing the harvest. Since 2001, it has been developing quality stuff to ensure fruitful organic farming.

Its best of breed products subsume the categories of organic and biological products, wetter/spreader, and mineral nutrients, which are further divided into soil applied and foliar applied nutrients. Some of them are described below:

DynoSulf: This product contains water-soluble phyto-fulvate complexed high concentration liquid sulphur with a low ratio of nitrogen to sulphur. It is efficacious both for the soil and leaf applications and is a widely recommended Sulphur or S-complex that makes up for S-deficiencies and imbalances in the plant. Other of its benefits for plants and crops are as below:

• Enhanced photosynthesis and protein synthesis

• Improved plant oil production in oil crops

• Accentuated coloration of ripening fruit

• Improved aroma components in crops such as brassicans, onions, wine grapes, etc.

Fullmax: It is a foliar product from Agrilibrium, which enhances the mobility and uptake of ingredients within the plant when used with glyphospate. It is one of widely demanded foliar nutrition products with effective concentrations to enhance the productivity of plants. While the contained Phytofulvate (fulvic acid) stimulates the growth, the herbicide slows down the protein synthesis.

This altogether, leads to improved activity and efficiency of herbicide or the metabolism and uptake of the foliar nutrient. It also ensures multiple fulvic acid benefits to the plants with its unusual characteristic that gives the wetting and dispersing abilities to the plants. It is extracted from the trees to create such an effect. However, the acid will not exhibit this wetting and spreading behaviour if extracted from any other source.

AminoBoost: The phyto-fulvic acid nutrient chelated product improves soil structure and rehabilitation. It encourages the root’s ability to pierce through the brackish and compacted soils. The product is completely water-soluble with excellent wetter and re-wetter characteristic. It is a unique fulvic acid, which is extracted from trees and is applied to plants by using sprinkler or dripper systems.

To summarize, Agrilibrium provides a range of unique products that are efficacious in increasing the metabolism and health of plants. These products include essential plant nutrients such as liquid sulphur, fulvic acid and more.

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