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FulMax Improve Herbicide efficiency with Phytofulvate Fulvic acid WetterSpreaderRewetter  
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Dyno Sulf Trial

Dyno Sulf Trial Improve Crop Vigour, Yield and Quality with the use of a Newly Developed, Completely Water Soluble Sulphur Product.
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Rhyzoshere Conference

Rhyzoshere Conference Poster paper delivered at September 2007 Rhizosphere 2 Conference – Montpellier, France. The Effect of a New Slow Release Compost, Fulvic acid and Micro-organisms on Soil fertility, Yield and Quality of Potatoes grown in Sandy Soil. C Malan, H Kotze* – Agrilibrium, P O Box 10908, Vorna Valley 1686, South Africa.*ARC SAND Experimental…
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SeedSpeed SeedSpeed is a balanced macro and micro mineral complexed fito-fulvic acid product. Our fito-fulvic acid is derived from a tree extract with strong wetting and water surface tension refraction properties. This means minerals are readily available for uptake as soon as seed germination takes place.
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Beans Increase Legume profitability with the Plant Stress Management ™ program by RESTORING NATURE’S BALANCE ™ Great results and improved production of legumes and several other crops have been achieved by restoring the balance of the cycle between roots, soil, active organic matter and microbes. Why is nature out of balance? Continuous destruction of soil…
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