How Analyses by Agrilibrium Professionals Can Help, Farmers optimise production and quality of crops.

How Analyses by Agrilibrium Professionals Can Help, Farmers optimise production and quality of crops

The farm and field proven success concept of Agrilibrium is based on a combination of logical and scientifically proven biological, biodynamic and organic farming principles where natural organic, chemical and biological compounds are used to rectify and address analytically quantified imbalances and deficiencies. Product development is strictly scientifically based and incorporates disciplines like plant physiology, agronomy, plant nutrition, soil science and microbiology. Agrilibrium creates and formulates sustainable and practical solutions for farmers to optimise production and quality of crops and maximise profits which is paramount for today’s demanding farming environment.

Agrilibrium has an experienced team of specialists with over 80 years’ combined experience in the agricultural sector with a plant physiologist who has been involved with various research projects in South Africa and Israel focussing on Plant Stress Management and biological sustainable farming with the emphasis on soil health. The team also include an agricultural economist, a microbiogist and viticulturist and a team of well-trained representatives and distributors to assist farmers in the field.

Agrilibrium formulates, manufactures and distributes a range of high quality effective Fulvic acid organic soil ameliorants, biological plant growth promoting soil micro-organisms and Plant Stress Management foliar plant nutrients chelated with amino and Fulvic acids that are applied as leaf sprays. Accuracy and efficiency of crop fertilization and nutrition is greatly improved by the use of the analytical results of Agrilibrium’s uniquely developed 1:2 water extract laboratory analysis in combination with conventional soil analysis results to accurately quantify both soil nutrient reserves that are not necessarily available for crop use and the water soluble and therefore plant available portion of nutrients in the root zone of crops. The above range of specialized products are ideally formulated to fit into both the soil water extract analysis and precision farming approaches to improve crop nutrition efficiency and to ensure sustainability and profitability.

Agrilibrium is proud to announce the launch of a new, unique and highly efficient dry Fytofulvic acid chelated macro and micro-nutrient product range. The new range of dry products will be marketed as the Fyto range and was formulated using water soluble nutrients combined with spray dried fulvic acid powder from our unique re-newable resource tree extract Fytofulvic acid.

These dry water soluble products, registered as single nutrient element formulations, can also be combined and blended in any ratio of the different elements according to proper soil analysis quantification of macro and micro-nutrient deficiencies preferably using the 1:2 water extract soil analysis or a conventional chemical extraction analysis of the soil.

The Fyto range competes directly with the well-known expensive and low active ingredient EDTA chelated products.

The company continues with ongoing research and development supported with efficacy trials of all products so as to keep ahead with new and innovative products.


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