How to supply the essential nutrients in plants

How to supply the essential nutrients in plants

For every living creature nutrients play an important role in their growth and in the same way plants as well need adequate nutrients for proper growth. Plants either get the nutrients from soil or from carbon dioxide and water. But with crop rotation and overusing the land for cultivation leads to loss of nutrient content in soil. Soil analysis becomes essential to know about the various nutrients present in the soil as well as their quantity before planting. This will help you know and provide the accurate amount of different essential plant nutrients for yielding healthy crops.

With overuse of soil the sulphur content in the soil decreases. As sulphur plays an important role in growth of plants, the adequate supply of it is essential. After the soil analysis is done, you can spray liquid sulphur as per the quantity required to maintain the balance in the soil. Apart from spraying sulphur in liquid form, another method that can be applied to feed the plants is foliar nutrition effective concentrations. It has become a popular method and a better way of feeding plants over the conventional way of adding fertilizers. It has become a common method used in organic farming, where the essential nutrients are supplied through the foliages, helping in proper growth of plants and crops.

Fulvic acid as well as helps in satisfactory growth of plants. As it has the ability to restore the soil, it has become one of the popular practices in organic farming. Benefits of fulvic acid are quite obvious and a widely used method of supplying the necessary nutrients to the plants. It takes part in oxidation-reduction reactions with transition metals, which helps the plants to absorb the nutrients from the soil in a more effective way. Agrilibrium is one of renowned companies in South Africa known for manufacturing as well as formulating high-quality and useful plant nutrients for organic farming.

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