Important Factors to Consider for Soil Analysis Tests in South Africa

As a farmer in South Africa, do you have doubts about potential soil nutritional deficiencies in your fields? A scientific soil analysis conducted by professionals can provide vital information to help you get high quality and optimal yield from your crops.


Soil nutritional deficiency can result in poor crop growth, irregular development of crop across field, low yields or low quality yield. An accurately conducted soil test will provide details of the soil’s pH level, the availability of nutrients as well as the concentration that is actually available for plant uptake. Along with conventional analysis, scientists may make use of advanced techniques such as the 1:2 water extract technique in order to determine the availability of water soluble nutrients.

Benefits of Analysis

A soil analysis report is a vital tool in determining availability of essential nutrients in the right concentrations for ready uptake by plants.  If it is found that soil is deficient in nutrition, soil scientists may recommend appropriate quantities of nutrient products that can be applied to derive high yielding, better quality crops. By using active nutrients that directly address the requirements of the crop, farmers can optimize their fertilizer use to suit their yield needs.

Important Factors to Consider for Soil Analysis Tests in South Africa

Ensuring Reliable Reports

Reliable reports of soil analysis are only possible if scientific methods are followed during collection of samples and testing processes. Samples need to be collected from different parts of the field and proper guidelines need to be adhered to for sample processing. Accurate crop nutrition recommendations should be made on the basis of established guidelines. In order to benefit from reliable testing, it is important to choose a company with experience in the agricultural domain and provides onsite assistance.

There are an amazing range of plant nutrient products that can be used in a safe manner without disturbing the natural equilibrium. Do not waste your time and efforts on guessing; opt for a scientific soil analysis instead!

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