Life’s elixir and Holy Grail

Life’s elixir and Holy Grail

Homo sapiens, plants and animals have one thing in common; they require nutrition to sustain life, grow and get energized. Proper ingestion in the right doses is the key for balanced growth. The process of assimilation is dependent on a unique compound called Fulvic acid. Though this element is well known and also extensively researched there is very little “chatter” about it, until now.

Fulvic acid has the power of life

This compound is found in plants and soil and classified as an electrolyte; it is soluble in water and capable of electric conduction. A simple test on large sized amoeboid (living cell / organism) was performed to prove the efficacy of electrolytes; The cell disintegrated or ruptured when the electric potential was eliminated; the cell dissolved; the electric potential was introduced once again; lo and behold the cell reformed and became active. Humans as they age become slower in their movements and reasoning; sleep disorders, stress are common symptoms; these afflictions is primarily due to loss of electric potential and result in death when the potential becomes zero. That is why pacemakers are implanted to maintain the electric potential; saline or electrolytes are fed IV (intravenously) to maintain electrolyte balance.

How is Fulvic acid produced?

Fulvic acid is found in Humus. The decaying of plant and animal matter in the soil results in a dark organic material. Plants shed leaves, twigs, flowers and fruit. Animals die; insects perish, adding to the litter mix. Over a period of time the mix decays and disintegrates into its basic chemical elements. Most of these chemicals are nutrients that sustain life. The viscous-almost-solid dark either brown or black substance is called humus. Earthworms (the wriggling slimy creatures that evoke “Eew” on sighting) mix the humus with soil. Earth is now enriched with nutrients and a major constituent is nitrogen. Soil enriched with nitrogen is the perfect recipe for plant growth and agriculture benefits. This is a direct fulvic acid benefit of the first order. Humus is crumbly in texture and loosens earth allowing for easy navigation of water and air which the plants love. Soiltest analysis has proved the efficacy of humus beyond doubt.

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