FYTO Desalinize is an efficient high concentration Calcium and Potassium chelating agent for cation macro- and micro-nutrients , which when dissolved in water before application will result in total chelation of the Ca2+ to the natural organic fulvic acid molecules of the Fytofulvic powder.

This neutralized chelated form of Ca2+ will not react with the PO42- anions in the soil, keeping both nutrients in solution and available for crop uptake and utilization.

The high concentration of available Calcium can remove or displace Sodium (Na+) in saline or brackish soils to decrease or alleviate the negative effect of Na+ on crop growth and yields.

Concurrently Potassium will compete with the Sodium for uptake by the plant, lowering the negative effect of high Sodium in the root zone.

It is very important to use a realistic application of Fyto Desalinize (Ca and K) and to target the root zone.

The severity of salinization should be quantified with soil analysis in order to make an informed decision on the rate of product to be applied.