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SILKA is a unique amino-acid chelated product containing the nutritional elements required to improve plant cell wall and membrane strength through Silica induced structure enhancement. It also provides additional biochemical stimulation of Phytoalexin production in cells by providing the phytoalexin metabolite stimulation biochemical compound in the formulation.

This combined approach physically and biochemically support the plant’s ability to naturally and inherently withstand and deter insect and pest attacks and support cell wall and membrane integrity and strength.

SILKA is recommended as an organic amino-acid Silica/Phytoalexin-complex that can be taken up efficiently by leaves to improve resistance to diseases and suppress pest attacks on crops via two mechanisms – firstly as a physical barrier beneath the cuticle layer of leaves and secondly through a biochemical mechanism where Silicon is also known to stimulate phytoalexin production in plants in response to fungal infection.

The fact that silicon alleviates various abiotic stresses including physical stress like lodging, high and low temperature, drought and freezing as well as chemical stresses like salinity (inhibit Na uptake by roots), high nitrogen, nutrient
imbalances and metal toxicity, are well documented.