Soil Analysis – An Essential Soil Management Tool

Soil Analysis – An Essential Soil Management Tool

Soil testing is the process of analyzing the nutrient-content of the crop-yielding soil. It is particularly important because farmers can then formulate a plan for fertility management. Remember, too much or too little fertilizer can impact crops adversely.  In the case of excess fertilizer, the land will not be able to give optimum produce. When there can damage environment and will result in wastage of money and energy.

Soil AnalysisSoil Analysis – An Essential Soil Management Tool will give you an idea of amounts of Nitrogen, Potash, Sulphur, Iron, Potassium and limestone content present in a soil. In addition, the quantities and types of micronutrients present in the soil are provided in a soil test. The study of the soil test before a harvest season enables a farmer to realize the fertilization requirements of the field.

For the most part, it is imperative that soil analysis is done before every harvest season to get a stock of essential plant nutrients in the soil. Seasonal change often induces a change in essential plant nutrients in a soil. For instance, farmers who harvest citrus plants must do seasonal analysis. During the cold winter months the soil loses iron. Usually with the advent of warmer climate the deficiency rectifies itself. However, often the deficiency remains prevalent and the farmer will find his harvest turning yellow.  In such a scenario, the application of sulphur helps reduce alkaline content, which allows for better iron absorption.

Farmers will enjoy an abundant and excellent quality harvest along with a reduction in operating costs.  Most importantly the crops will be immune to pest attacks and become more resilient towards adverse weather patterns.

Soil analysis is inexpensive. Generally labs charge anything from $7 to $10 to test per sample. In many states you can test your soil for free. Moreover, labs are available in every agricultural district so getting a test done is hassle free.

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