Soil Analysis – Essential for producing high-quality crops

Soil Analysis – Essential for producing high-quality crops

Cultivation of crops is done in a wide variety of soil types and the requirement for fertilizers depends on the type of soil. Cultivating a huge land or even a small garden incurs huge investment and if the soil quality is not good, growing plants and crops becomes difficult as well as very costly. Hence, knowing the nutrient content as well as the pH level in the soil is very essential. Most often people tend to over-use the different plant nutrients, which create an imbalance in the soil, resulting in harming both the plants and the environment.

Soil analysis is the best way to know the quality of soil. By testing the soil quality, you will be able to know about the pH level in the soil as well as the nutrient contents. This will help you to use the right amount of fertilizer that is required for growing a particular crop. This is very essential for organic farming. For soil testing, some samples of the earth are taken to a laboratory and it is tested to find its quality along with the issues that might pose hindrance in the growth of plants. This process helps in maximizing the production by using the accurate amount of fertilizer. Along with soil testing, 1:2 water extract analysis is also important before planting crops. It is a method that is employed to measure the water soluble nutrients present in the soil and deciding on the amount that plants are capable of taking in.

Sulphur being an essential nutrient for plant growth, it is important to test the amount contained in the soil for further application. Since with time the content of sulphur in the soil has declined to a great extent, in most cases it is applied by spraying. In the similar way, amino acid chelate is used in organic farming owing to the various benefits it offers. However, the amount depends on the type of soil, which can be measured by testing the soil. Agrilibrium is a company in South Africa that manufactures as well as promotes a variety of nutrients for plants. They also provide soil testing service along with other such services to promote organic farming in the region.

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