How Analyses by Agrilibrium Professionals Can Help, Farmers Improve Soil Quality?

How Analyses by Agrilibrium Professionals Can Help, Farmers Improve Soil Quality?

Founded in 2001, Agrilibrium is committed to providing products and analysis to farmers that help them yield better crops. The company develops high quality products for organic farming in South Africa, making way for an agriculture boom in the country. It assists in the production of better yields that could prove to be beneficial to the farmers not only in the African country, but also in other parts of the world. The positive efforts of specialists within the company has resulted in magnificent products and analysis techniques, which determine the quality of the soil, the nutrients available and the steps required to make the soil better yielding one.

Some of their major analysis and techniques are discussed below.

Soil Analysis: In simple words, it means chemical analysis of soil minerals carried out to determine crop available nutrients. Alongside, it also helps to find the soil structure, composition and the ratio of harmful compounds in the soil. By conducting this analysis, farmers get a better picture of their soil type; they are able to determine which crops will yield better results and flourish more. Samples from different parts of the field are collected and the analysis is carried out.

The results thus obtained help to determine which products are to be used on the soil to increase its nutrient content. For example, Seed Speed is one such product, which is a fulvic, and amino acid chelated seed treatment that helps in most favourable seedling growth and germination. This product corrects and balances the nutrient levels in the seedling root zone thus removing physiological imbalances.

1:2 Water Extract Analysis: This analysis is a very effective tool in determining the availability of nutrients. The water-soluble nutrients in the soil are measured and after analysis, the number of nutrients available for uptake by plant roots is determined.  The analysis is carried out in a number of places so that farmers are able to understand which parts are fertile with nutrients and which need treatment. They can also plant crops accordingly.

The field experts carry out both the analyses so that they can suggest accurate steps to farmers. These analyses are the first step to increasing the mineral and natural element content in the soil. Once the condition of the soil is determined properly through these methods, it becomes easier to choose the product that could lead to better yield.

To summarize, soil analysis and 1: 2 water extract analysis are the two main analyses that Agrilibrium carry out to determine the quality of soil and suggest products accordingly.

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