How Agrilibrium Aims at Providing Accurate Crop Nutrition?

How Agrilibrium Aims at Providing Accurate Crop Nutrition?

Agrilibrium, as the name suggests is all about restoring the nature’s balance in agriculture; i.e. to bring about a state of equilibrium. This stability is introduced by striking the right balance between Equilibrium Farming and Plant Stress Management. Both of these are the company’s trademarks and help in giving accurate crop nutrition.

Equilibrium Farming is used chemical and organic plant nutrients along with micro-organisms and soil conditioners to check for soil life and quality. Likewise, Plant stress management includes special foliar applied plant nutrient stimulants and anti-oxidants compounds. It helps in maintaining a balanced nutrient uptake.  Additionally, it also protects the plant from oxygen radical membrane damage of the energy supplying organelles.

Liquid sulphur is one vital nutrient for plant’s health but is not given due importance generally. For curing sulphur deficiency in the plants, Agrilibrium offers various related products. These are soluble in water and are found to be very effective in dealing with the soil imbalances and sulphur deficiency in plants. Dyno Sulf is one such offering of Agrilibrium, which is Phytofulvate complexed.

Soil Test Analysis is another measure of the proper crop nutrition. Products offered by this company are a blend of fulvic acid nutrient element complexes and amino acids. These products make sure that the plants take proper nutrients and function optimally. They also help in stimulating the root growth and improve nutrient uptake by the plants. Your crops can never fail passing any soil testing analysis program when Agrilibrium is with you. It offers a complete soil treatment, fertiliser, and foliar application along with some recommendations, which are based on the analysis of soil test and water extract. These are conducted in a weekly program with a major focus on psychological stages of plants.

Farming is not just about having the right knowledge and concepts, but knowing the right way of farming. Organic Farming is one such way, which is gaining popularity all over. The reason for this may be the growing health conscious nature of the consumers nowadays. They not only want to eat well, but also want the crops to be grown in a healthy way. Organic Farming in South Africa is believed to be the citadel of this way of farming. It helps in reducing pollution and sustaining ecosystem.

To conclude, Agrilibrium indeed offers a variety of products for proper crop nutrition. Its products are rich in natural ingredients and promote organic farming.

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