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Established in 2001, Agrilibrium is a South Africa based company committed to following a scientific approach in the design and manufacture of plant nutrients to enhance crop yield in South Africa and other parts of the world.

Soil Analysis

home-care-home-health-care-home-nursingField experts carry out extensive soil analysis on different parts of farmland and suggest suitable products from among the company’s bouquet of solutions. They offer a wide range of high quality treatment solutions such as biological products, mineral nutrient rich products, and soil ameliorants that make agricultural lands more fertile and increase nutrient availability to plants in keeping with organic farming practices.

Liquid Sulphar Products

The company offers soil applied as well as foliar applied products to achieve desired results. One of the products it offers is DynoSulf, a water soluble organic phytofulvate complex that has a high concentration of liquid sulphur. It is widely recommended to correct sulphur imbalance in the soil and sulphur deficiency in plants. It promotes general photosynthesis and protein synthesis in different types of crops. It is especially useful in improving oil production of oil crops and enhancing the coloring and aromas of fruits such as wine grapes.

Benefits of Fulvic Acid

The company offers products that carry fulvic acid benefits.  For example, MagTrain is a foliar applied, water soluble complex of organic fulvic acid, amino acid chelate, magnesium and sulphur. FulMax is an exclusive foliar applied product containing phytofulvate with excellent wetter/ spreader characteristics. AminoBoost offers biological fulvic acid benefits and is very effective for root growth and improving the plant’s ability to penetrate deep into the soil. Farmers can ensure that macro nutrients such as nitrogen, phosphorous, carbon and potassium are made available to the crops upon application of Liquid Compost, a water soluble product rich in macro nutrients and organic fulvic acid.

The company also offers an exclusive range of solutions that have been found to be very effective for plant stress management.

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